New norms to make health cover claims much easier

Now a days IRDA is working hard to make the life simpler for a policyholder, in past it has allowed portability in the health insurance, which gives the new wings to policyholders stuck with the insurance provider not listening to there issue, now it comes with other historic decision.

Prior to October, If you had multiple health insurance policies from multiple insurers, you were required to approach both (or all) insurers and the companies used to settle claim in the ratio of the sum assured. For example, if you had 2 policies with sums insured of Rs1lac each and the claim was Rs1lac, both the companies would shell out Rs50,000 each. But, the new health insurance regulations, effective from October, and the abolition of contribution clause that dealt with claims under multiple policies, have made life simpler for health insurance customers. Policyholders will benefit from fewer delays in claim settlement and less paperwork.

So now one can easily retain the “No claim bonus” if they have multiple policies.

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