MetLife India Insurance

MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (MetLife) is an affiliate of MetLife, Inc. and was incorporated as a joint venture between MetLife International Holdings, Inc., The Jammu and Kashmir Bank, M. Pallonji and Co. Private Limited and other private investors. MetLife is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in the country. It serves its customers by offering a range of innovative products to individuals and group customers at more than 600 locations through its bank partners and company-owned offices


Met Suraksha

Met Suraksha TROP

Met Mortgage Protector

Met Sukh

Met Suvidha

Met Saral

Met 100

Met Smart Premier Regular Pay

Met Easy

Met Smart Plus Regular Pay

Met Smart Premier Single Pay

Met Smart Gold

Met Smart Plus Single Pay

Met Bhavishya

Met Junior Endowment

Met Litte Star

Met Junior Money Back

Met Magic

Met Growth

Met Advantage Plus

Met Pension – Par