Free insurance scheme get solid response

A new free insurance scheme for Indian workers in Bahrain has been receiving an overwhelming response, according to the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF).

The scheme, which covers all Indian workers in the kingdom earning below BD150, is valid until October 31 next year. However, officials now plan to extend the period for the scheme, which covers deaths or injuries.

‘The response is fantastic. People are calling to know more about this free insurance scheme,’ ICRF chairman John Iype told the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication.

He said they were currently reviewing two cases of Indian nationals who died of a heart attack.

Iype said the men were in the category of those eligible for the insurance scheme. ‘Our plan is to cover under this scheme all causes of death by next year,’ he said.

The life and personal accidental insurance policy is set to benefit about 150,000 people, who do not need to pay any premium amount as the ICRF has already paid BD45,000 to the New India Assurance Company.

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