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Group Pension Scheme

IRDA is considering a proposal to allow new employees enter into existing group pension schemes, which are generally offered by companies as an additional retirement benefit to top managers. IRDA had, some time back, barred the entry of new employees into…

Retire and Enjoy

The objective of Retire and Enjoy is to provide financial security to the family of policy holder during your productive span and a happy independent retired lifestyle for the policy holder and his/her spouse when they decide to retire.

PFRDA’s New Pension Scheme

Starting 1st May 2009, any citizen of India desiring to open an New Pension Scheme account can contact any of
the twenty two (22) Points of Presence (POPs) appointed by PFRDA. Initially, PoPs are offering NPS at limited number of branches. However, in due course the number of such branches will grow and cover
every part of the country. The offer document containing details of the NPS, application form for
opening NPS account and welcome brochure is now available on the website of PFRDA
(www.pfrda.org.in) as well as the websites of other NPS intermediaries. Details of NPS intermediaries
including Points of Presence and Pension Funds are also available on PFRDA website.