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Rocket Sale of Endowment Plus

The Chandigarh division of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has topped among 107 divisions of the firm in the country by selling maximum policies of ULIP-based Endowment Plus, which was launched yesterday. “On the first day of the launch, our (Chandigarh) division sold maximum number of policies of Endowment Plus among our other offices in the country,” LIC (Chandigarh) Senior Divisional Manager Raghupal Singh told reporters here today.

New Wealth Plus Plan

Wealth Plus from LIC is a Single Premium Insurance policy unit linked plan having a term of 8 years and with a Payment term of 3 years or Single premium.
Wealth Plus guarantees to pay you the highest NAV reached in the first 7 years of its term or the 8 th year NAV which ever is higher.