LIC of India

LIC of India (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is the largest life insurance group in India, with 100% stake of Government of India. Over its existence of around 57 years (up to 2013), Life Insurance Corporation of India, which commanded a monopoly of soliciting and selling life insurance in India, created huge surpluses, and contributed around 7% of India’s GDP in 2006.
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Life insurance plans

  1. Single Premium Endowment Plan
  2. New Endowment Plan
  3. New Moneyback Plan
  4. New Moneyback Plan
  5. New Beema Bachat
  6. New Jeevan Anand

Plans Closed since Jan 2014

  1. Jeevan Anand – Table No 149
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Wealth Plus
  4. Jeevan Nischay
  5. Children Deferred Endowment
  6. Jeevan Saral – Table No 165
  7. Child Career Plan
  8. Jeevan Kishore – Table No 102
  9. Jeevan Anurag
  10. Jeevan Saathi – Table No 89

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