Lost National Savings Certificate?

NSC has been a one of the best investment option for middle class families in India, along with income tax savings it also offers good assured returns. NSCs are most common under salaried persons.

Since NSCs are a long term investment option, it is very common for people to forget where they had put the certificates after buying. There are lots of other reasons too when you may lost your NSC certificate(s).

What to do when you have lost National Savings Certificate?

If you have lost your NSC, you can get duplicate certificates issued by filing an application on the prescribed form.- Form NC 29 along with following documents

Certificate of identification

The person filing the application has to secure a witness to declare that he knows the applicant and that the application was signed in his presence.

Supporting documents

If the certificate has been stolen or lost, a police complaint has to be filed and a copy of the FIR enclosed. An indemnity bond must also be furnished by the investor.


A fee, prescribed from time to time, has to be paid while applying for the issuance of a duplicate certificate.

Points to note

Information: The application has to provide details of the name(s) in which the certificates were originally issued, the serial number, date of issuance, mode of holding, etc.



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